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If you have signed up and have completed the checkout process you will then find an email saying one of two things:
  1. 1.
    You were given access to your Tradingview and Discord accounts and you are ready to follow the rest of the set up guide or set up video!
  2. 2.
    You were not given access due to one or both of your usernames you provided were invalid. Below we will breakdown why you may be experiencing this issue.
  • If you haven't joined Discord this may be why you received this message (because the system tried to give you member access but couldn't find you in the server). If you haven't joined, join here!
  • If you haven't created a Tradingview account this may be why you were unable to receive access. Please create an account here in tradingview and then log into your account on the TRND Website and update your new Account Information.
  • NOTE: If you have recently created your tradingview account double check that you entered the correct username in your TRND account portal. If it is correct please be patient as recently created Tradingview accounts can take up to 12 hours to become visible and available to be given access. Thank you!
If you ever have questions please join our Discord here and submit a ticket and we will quickly help you.
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