Product Questions

What markets & timeframes does this work with?

TRND Pro is functional with all international markets, including equities, indices, currency, futures, and commodities. It can trade on all timeframes, including 1m, 5m, 30m, 1H, 4H, 1D, and 1W. Our tools can be used for scalping, swing trading, or option trading.
There is no "best timeframe," as it depends on the current market conditions and your trading style.

Does it repaint?

Any signal or indicator from TRND that paints onto your chart can't repaint. Indicators are broken down between fast-moving indicators and slow-moving or lagging indicators. Fast-moving indicators are exactly what it sounds like; they follow data closely and will paint/appear on your chart quickly during price action. Slow-moving indicators usually paint at the end of the candle timeframe you are looking at. Both indicators, Fast and slow, when used together, can create effective strategies. TRND has a toolkit full of fast-moving and slow-moving indicators. None of which are repainted.

When is a signal confirmed?

Only once the candle has closed a signal considered confirmed. In other words, until the previous candle has closed and the next candle has started.