Safety Mode

Safety Mode is actually a confluence of indicators together. Enabling "Safety Mode" directly changes the Algorithm and Confirmation Signals.

Safety Mode is adding Confluence conditions to the algorithm.

Safety Mode uses the Algorithm paired with the Volatility Support and Resistance tool to find entries in the market. Enabling Safety Mode will only show signals where the Volatility Support and Resistance indicator agrees with the Algorithm's confirmation signals. This means you will see less signals but signals that are in confluence with the Vol. S/R tool. You can read the Safety Mode signals better if you have the Volatility Support and Resistance Enabled as well.

Safety Mode Enabled and "BUY" signals toggled on: We can see Signals like the ones above where we have a Green Volatility line with "BUY" Signals that agree. We don't see any "BUY" signals during the time the Volatility line was red. Vice Versa when "SELL" Signals are toggled on

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