TRND Trainer

What is TRND Trainer?

Trading truly is a skill and something that can be taught. Just like any other skill you need to learn by practicing. It is known that most beginner traders no matter how much education they are given, will not make them profitable unless they are disciplined, follow what they are taught and practice continuously what they learn. This is why the majority of traders fail. They believe that by the end of a course they will know exactly what to do. But, that is not the case. It is extremely important to then put into practice what you are taught and create a trading plan that is strict. The reason TRND Trainer was created was to teach proper basics to trading. Basics that when followed and put into practice can allow you, after time to understand how to read the market and ultimately reach the goal of being profitable.

Who can Trade?

Anyone can trade. Since some markets are even open 24/7 there are always trading opportunities. You may learn what depending on your schedule what type of trading and what markets may fit you schedule best. Later on we'll see what Markets best fit your interests, schedules and trading style!


We recommend that if you are learning to trade or you are learning how to trade with TRND and it's indicators to never trade with real money until you have practiced, put profitable strategy together (which you can learn from many here within TRND and Discord) and have become confident. Always a great practice to never risk money that you aren't willing to lose (aka discretionary money).

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