Tunnel Vision

Having a hard time identifying the trend of the Market?

The Tunnel Vision Indicator allows you to read the linear regression of the market. In other words, you can read the market. It is essential to always know and be able to identify the Trend or Direction of the Market. "Trend Trading" is known to be one of the most common forms of trading. You may hear the trading sayings like "trend is your friend" or "trade with the trend." All of these sayings refer to the Trading Strategy of taking Trades in the Same Direction as the overall market trend. This means if the market is trending bullish, then we will only be looking for bullish trades and vice versa for bearish trending markets, only looking for bearish entries.

In the Above Example we can see that even with recent pullbacks our overall Trend is Bullish. Similar to the Reversal Cloud when the candles are breaking into the higher channels of the Indicator we can often times expect a reversal.

We also recommend Enabling both Tunnel Vision (to identify the trend of the market) and enabling the Reversal Cloud. The Reversal Cloud can help you identify reversals within the trend of the market. (See Below)

As we can see in the recent bounce off of the bottom of the Tunnel Vision Channel and a bounce off the bottom of the Reversal Cloud they agreed that a reversal was coming. We can also see the market is now continue its bullish trend even after that drop

We always recommend using a confluence of indicators to create the most accurate entries you can find.

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