How to Set up Alerts

  1. Using the TradingView Web Platform:

    • Method 1: Alert Button on the Top Toolbar:

      • Click the Alert button at the top of your chart.

      • Set the conditions and parameters for your alert, such as price levels or indicator crossovers.

      • Customize the alert text to describe what triggered the alert.

      • Choose how you want to be notified (e.g., via email, pop-up, sound, or webhook).

      • Click Create Alert.

    • Method 2: Right-Click Menu:

      • Right-click on the chart where you want to set the alert.

      • Select Create Alert.

      • Configure the alert conditions and notification preferences.

      • Click Create Alert.

    • Method 3: Drawing Panel:

      • Use the drawing tools to create a trendline, horizontal line, or other shapes.

      • Click the Alert button on the drawing panel.

      • Set the alert conditions based on the drawing.

      • Customize the alert message.

      • Choose your preferred notification method.

      • Click Create Alert.

  2. Using the TradingView Mobile App:

    • Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the chart.

    • Select Alerts.

    • Specify the parameters for your alert (e.g., price levels, indicator conditions).

    • Customize the alert text.

    • Choose your preferred notification method (email, push notification, etc.).

    • Tap Create Alert.

Remember to name your alerts appropriately so you can easily identify them in the alerts manager.

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