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What is TRND

TRND is a data-driven trading and development company whose goal is to create hybrid intelligence tools and resources to automate traders' technical analysis while simultaneously giving them a leading edge on the market.
We developed TRND to provide traders with world-class tools that integrate seamlessly into TradingView. These tools allow for more informed and profitable decision-making in any market.

Tradingview Integration

​Tradingview is a free charting platform that TRND's tools plug into. This means to have access to the tools TRND offers; you will need to create a Tradingview account. Before purchasing, please create an account. You can create a free Tradingview Account here. TRND does work on the Free Version of Tradingview. Still, for some markets, you may need to upgrade or add real-time data if the Free Version doesn't offer real-time data for the market of interest.
TRND has an entire trading community that can be found in Discord. The TRND Discord is a HUB for traders of all markets, trading types, and strategies. Within the TRND Discord Server, you can find Alert Scanners across thousands of Tickers, watch educational live streams, learn Pro Traders' techniques, follow Pro traders' callouts, and much more.